My Story

Julie Simon Moss Bags by Julie Simon

I like to make things.

That is literally why Moss Bags started!

For over 12 years, I spent my time as a graphic/web designer. After years of sitting & working at a computer, I was ready to step away from my desk and become more hands-on.

And so…a few years back I was completely mesmerized with Bravo’s marathon of Project Runway. One night I grabbed my keys, headed to Fred Meyer (the only store open at 10:30pm), and bought my first sewing machine. I stayed up all night cutting fabric from old clothes, learning to sew, and creating. Without knowing it at the time, the idea of Moss Bags was born. 

Aside from a husband, two boys, several hides of leather, boxes of hardware, and upgraded machinery, not much has changed since that first night. I still cut every leather piece by hand, set each rivet, and prepare all orders.

Fashion & function come together with each handcrafted bag, wallet & accessory. Using full-grain leather that only gets better with age, and products ranging from earrings to backpacks, there truly is something for everyone.

The beauty is that quality leather wears in...not out. Moss Bags products are built to last. 

I am beyond thankful to be doing exactly what I am doing, and as time goes on, Moss Bags' product line continually unfolds like the changing of the seasons.