When 6 PNW artist friends come together, look what happens!

When 6 PNW artist friends come together, look what happens!


A Pop-Up Gift Shop featuring Jewelry, Art, Baby, Bags & Gifts

325 W Kincaid St, Mount Vernon, WA 98273
Wednesday - Friday 10-6 | Saturday + Sunday 10-5

Meet the rad women behind each brand...and pop into Valley Creative when you're in Mount Vernon. We would LOVE to see you!

 Cascadia Jewelry of Valley Creative with Moss Bags


Simple pieces. Big statements

Hi, I’m Kira, the artist behind this one woman business. I am a self taught metalsmith using traditional techniques to create textured jewelry that reflects my minimalist style. The practice of working slowly, in small batches and with hand tools is central in my process. I am inspired by organic shapes, clean lines, lunar and western influences, and strives to create simple pieces that make big statements. 

All jewelry is made in a messy little studio in North West, Washington with love, and a small, very loud hammer.


Cavu at Valley Creative w Moss Bags


Organic Clothing & Goods for Adventurous Littles

From Jet Pilot to Shop Owner

Clear Above Visibility Unlimited (CAVU). It’s an aviation term used to describe clear skies with unlimited visibility, even if it's above a layer of clouds.  The adventure of launching off the aircraft carrier on a gray and cloudy day, then bursting through the clouds into warm sunshine and crisp blue skies always left me in awe. In my former life as a US Navy pilot, I was fortunate for those, and so many other amazing experiences. We'll call them my personal “roaring twenties,” and I wouldn't trade them for anything. 

All of my creations originate from projects I initially made for myself, my children, or for friends and family and their little ones. I am a perfectionist at heart, and I take pride in putting a lot of time and energy into designing and creating items of quality workmanship and charm. 


Martini Metal Craft at Valley Creative w Moss Bags


Handcrafted Jewelry: made with passion for people always pursuing their passions.

Some people would have us believe that artists live only in exposed brick lofts—with flighty lives and no responsibilities. But the truth is we artists grow beauty everywhere; it’s that creative spirit that manages the daily tasks and finds beauty from her office desk in the kindness and innovation of others.   

It took me 22 years to figure out that metalsmithing was my passion. And the same amount of time to actually start calling myself an artist. I still work full-time coordinating tradeshow logistics for a local manufacturing corporation. And I am an artist.  

Martini Metal Craft is authentic jewelry for people hammering out their own stories.  

...and yes, my last name is Martini.  First name, Marijo (sounds like Mary Joe).


Tori Tornado at Valley Creative w Moss Bags


Inspiring badassery through art, gifts and sweary inspirations.

Tori King is the artist/owner behind Tori Tornado. After working as a graphic designer for 10 years, she shifted her focus to a more handmade approach of art and design. Every product begins with paper and pencil, then either painted with water-based mediums, or transferred to linoleum block printing. Before printing, each design is touched up in Photoshop to make it just right.

She believes life is an abundance of colorful messiness that should be celebrated through art and design. She uses these vibrant backgrounds to inspire badassery through a sweary inspirational line of paper goods and gifts.


True Red Betty at Valley Creative w Moss Bags

trueREDbetty | Kim

Colorful hand painted inspiration. Upcycled handcrafted frames.
Well, hello there!  I'm Kim-

a passionate, tell-it-like-it-is, glass half-full kind of gal out to change the world in my own little way.  I am the artist/painter/creator behind trueREDbetty. 

trueREDbetty is the manifestation of creativity + my take on life right this second + enjoying this moment.  I'm trying to change my little bit of the world one painting at a time.


Moss Bags at Valley Creative in Mount Vernon, WA


Handcrafted Leather Bags, Backpacks & Wallets

I like to make things. That is literally why Moss Bags started!

For over 12 years, I spent my time as a graphic/web designer. After years of sitting & working at a computer, I was ready for change.

And so…a few years back, with Project Runway as my inspiration & YouTube by my side, I started making. One night I grabbed my keys, found the only store open at 10:30pm, and bought my first sewing machine. I stayed up all night cutting fabric from old clothes, learning to sew, and creating. Without knowing it at the time, the idea of Moss Bags was born. 


VALLEY CREATIVE | April & March 2023 | 325 W Kincaid St, Mount Vernon, WA 98273

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