Mother's Day Gift Ideas Under $99

Mother's Day Gift Ideas Under $99

🌸 Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Leather Goodies Under $99  🌸

With Mother's Day coming up, I wanted to share some really fun gift ideas from our collection—all under $99! I've found some great picks that are both special and practical. Perfect for showing some love without breaking the bank. Here’s what caught my eye:

Leather Earrings

These leather earrings are super cute and lightweight. They come in different shapes and colors, so you can find a pair that’s just her style. They're a fun way to enhance any outfit for just $20-$25 (or enjoy our buy 2 get 1 free deal)!

leather + brass earrings by moss bags

Artisan Leather Journal

If she loves jotting down thoughts or doodling, this leather journal would make a perfect gift. It’s beautiful and can be refilled for a lifetime, priced at $80.

Leather Sunglasses Case

This sunglasses case is sleek and comes with a secure snap closure. It’s practical, looks great, and is a steal at $50.

Fringe Keyclips

The ultimate solution to never losing your keys again! These leather keyclips are a small but super helpful gift. They clip onto a bag or belt loop, making it easy to keep keys handy + they're only $20.


Wristlet Wallet

This wristlet wallet is perfect for when she doesn’t want to carry a big bag. It fits the essentials like cash, cards, and sometimes even a phone. Really handy for $95.

leather wristlet wallet by moss bagsleather wristlet wallet by moss bags


Boho Straps

If she's drawn to a boho vibe, these adjustable Boho Straps are a must-have. With their effortless charm, they infuse her bag with personality, offering a unique and personalized look for just $38.


I hope this helps you find something great for Mother’s Day—something that she’ll not only love but actually use. Let me know if anything catches your eye!


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