MALUHIA . Large Classic Tote

Best bag out there!!! I love my tote, buy this bag, it will make your life more beautiful, I promise! 😊

STEPH . Large Classic Tote

My favorite work bag I’ve ever had!

TIFFANY . Large Classic Tote

My new favorite bag!! LOVE mine ❤️

STEPHANIE . Large Classic Tote

I LOVE MINE!!! So well made and I love that I know exactly where it was made and who made it. Thanks Julie!!

ALISON . Medium Classic Tote

Love mine! Gorgeous color, beautifully made and fits all. the. things!

Molly . Large Classic Tote

I feel like Mary Poppins! This is the perfect bag.

NIKKI . Full Moon Circle Bag

Absolutely adorable and just as described! Shipped very promptly and arrived beautifully packaged. Great shop.

KENDALL . Bamboo Backpack 3-in-1 Bag

I LOVE this bag! I'm traveling to Spain soon so it'll be perfect for walking around during the day, and then I can change it up for the evening. 

TIFFANY . Buttercup Bucket Bag

Beautifully stitched! Love this bag. Only regret is waiting so long to order!

HILDE . Mossy Messenger Bag

I recently bought my Moss bag and I absolutely love it. Such a simple, elegant design, and so luxurious. It was a pleasure meeting you and I thank you so much for this amazing bag!

SARAH . Mossy Messenger Bag

I absolutely LOVE the bag! It's the only bag I've ever bought because it's a perfect blend of fashion and function. It's extremely versatile - I feel like I can wear it for any occasion. Julie's an amazingly talented designer!

SUSAN . Mossy Messenger Bag

I just received my bag! I LOVE it. I think it's the most beautiful bag I've ever owned! Thank you so much! Next one -- for my daughter!

RENEE . Holly Hobo

I absolutely love my bag. Thanks so much!!! It's gorgeous :)

LYNN . Buttercup Bucket Bag

I got your bag today and it is fabulous!  I simply love it.  Thank you so much.  I'm sure I will be ordering another one in the future, perhaps for spring.  Hugs,  Lynn

COLLEEN . Buttercup Bucket Bag

Check out: Moss Bags. A cool chic making amazing quality bags, and other goodies. One of Bellingham's finest! The quality of work is impeccable & I cannot wait to get another Mossy Messenger Bag! 

STEPHANIE . Mossy Messenger Bag

I'm so in love with my new Moss bag!! It was custom made for me by the amazing Julie Simon. I got to visit her in July and pick out the details of my bag. You have to see it in person to fully appreciate how beautiful it is! She has so many fun styles and colors - I'll be ordering again!

JANA . Buttercup Bucket Bag

I love this purse!! Have been looking for a pretty red and this is it! So comfortable and well made!! Thank you!!

JENNY .  Mossy Messenger

I love this bag! It is comfortable, functional, well-made, unique and super cute. I have so much fun wearing it and it is easy to access everything inside. Thank you so much!

CORINA . Fringe Key Clip with Ring & Mini Willow Wallet

My best friend absolutely loves her teal fridge key chain that i got her and says she never looses her keys anymore! And of course everyone notices that we have matching leather items because I have the mini ball wallet in the same teal, which I love too.

JEAN . Buttercup Bucket Bag

I'm in love with my new bag! The stitching is beautiful, the leather is so nice and soft. One thing that I love more than I thought I would is the inside patterned lining. I've had purses like this before and they usually come with a darker color lining which leads to a giant black hole of trying to find keys, wallet, sunglasses etc.......not this one! The white and black make it light enough to find anything I'm looking for right away. I'm now eyeing the messenger bag!! Highly recommend if you're looking for quality high end bag.

PAULA . Mossy Messenger Bag

These bags are truly works of art and I am so happy to be receiving one from you.

KRISTA . Wisteria Wristlet

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Moss Bags! This wristlet is perfect for a night out or casual day use. It also fits perfectly in the "slouch bag" as a large wallet. The quality is supreme and I couldn't be happier!

JESSICA . Fern Fringe Wristlet

My friend bought me your fringe bag in red and I just want to tell you how much I love it! I get tons of compliments on it too! I'll have to purchase a larger one soon. It really is a well made bag, the zipper is nice and sturdy and I just love carrying it around. I've always purchased bags at Eddie Bauer or REI made of waterproof, backpacker type material with a million little pockets for everything. I love the functionality of those bags but after using yours I have grown to love the specialness behind a piece that is so one of a kind. I know a lot of love had to go into making this bag, and in the craftsmanship of it I can see it and feel it. Just wanted to tell you thank you!! :)

COLLEEN . Adjustable Fir Fringe Bag

Love my bag!! Just wanted to say THANKS

TIFFANY . Twig Tote

I love my Moss bag. Not only is it beautiful, I know it was made with the sweetest of hearts. But's badass!

LAURA . Bark Button Pouch

I am so impressed by your creativity. The contrast of the sleek leather and the natural bark button really appeals to all my different personality parts!

It’s beautiful and the button is perfect. Thank you!

TRICIA . Classic Cherry

I have been looking for a bag/tote for myself for more than a year- I don’t shop lightly, hate shopping and just couldn’t find what I wanted until I came upon your store this week.

MORGAN . Bark Button Pouch

Yahoo! I’m crazy excited!! Thank you, thank you Julie, I adore your work.