Julie Simon

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I’ve been surrounded by luscious greens and earthy hues my entire life.

For over 12 years, I spent my time creating at a computer. My background in graphic/web design and other mediums has been fun & eclectic, but I wanted to step away from my desk and become more hands-on once again.

And so… a few years back, while completely mesmerized with Bravo TV’s marathon of Project Runway, new inspiration came my way. I grabbed my keys and headed out to the local Fred Meyer (the only place open at 10:30pm.)  I bought my first machine then and there, and stayed up all night cutting, sewing, and creating  …without knowing it, the idea of Moss Bags was born.

Customize your own bag

Choose your bag style, leather, thread & zipper

I remember buying the first bag that I ever truly loved. It surprised me that it made me so happy. It was a bright red bag with pink top stitching...just the right size & shape for me. The bag brightened the greyest of days. It enhanced my mood, my outfits, and my shoes. It portrayed me.

That's when my love for the perfect bag began. 

With Moss Bags, you can customize your own look in a few simple steps.

  1. select your bag style
  2. choose from a variety of leather colors
  3. select your stitch & edging color
  4. finish the look by choosing from multiple zipper colors

Each indie-like design is made from genuine leather, silver nickel hardware, and YKK zippers -- in a varying palate of colors and styles -- and is detailed with vibrant top-stitching and hand-painted edges. Whether your style reflects a Holly Hobo in red leather with teal accents, or a Classic Cherry in timeless black with black zipper, Moss Bags is guaranteed to add chic style to your wardrobe.

In the shop! Nothing better than making a red leather on a