Classic Tote Bags

This Classic Tote is your new go-to bag!

Distressed leather, clean lines & functional details. Perfect for any occasion - stocking up at the farmers market, work meeting with computer, or simply your new mom bag. Any way you choose, she won’t disappoint.

This bag is built to last!

Limited Editions

In addition to the Classic Totes, a limited quantity of one-of-a-kind items made in small batches are available. They come in a variety of rotating leather colors, an assortment of interior fabrics, and sometimes even new designs! 

For the current selection, visit  Limited Edition

Limited Editions take approximately 1-3 business days until shipment.

Leather & Care

For spots and spills, gently blot excess liquid with a clean absorbent cloth and let air dry naturally. For butter, oil or grease, absorb excess with a clean, dry cloth, cover liberally with baking soda overnight & brush off in the morning. Spots should dissipate over a moderate time. Do not apply any shoe polish, ammonia water, oils, or any other chemical solutions. The natural oils are sealed in for permanent and carefree beauty.

Rather than wearing out, all great quality leather will develop a natural patina and change in its appearance over time as it rubs against your body and hands.

Please note: because leather is a natural product, each bag bears individual characteristics and will have slight variations in texture & color. These natural markings in no way affect the strength or wearability of the leather and provide nature's stamp of uniqueness.

Each Moss Bag is entirely handcrafted.